About Airmaster Propellers

Airmaster Propellers are a technology based company specialising in the manufacture of high performance propeller systems.  We use modern design, analysis, manufacturing and testing tools to ensure that Airmaster propellers are light, strong and give high performance.

Conceptual Design (Solidworks design suite)

All of the parts are modelled using computer aided design (CAD) technology (Solidworks TM, a parametric based solids modeller) to minimise development time from concept through prototype to production.

Solidworks is used at all stages of design, from concept, through creation of a solid model (giving improved accuracy), development of parts and assemblies, detail drawings, and finally output for our computer controller Mazak Integrex machining centre.
FEA Validation (Cosmos)

Designs can be optimised early on in the design process by using Finite Element Analysis as a way of identifying areas of high stress / fatigue. 
Pull Testing (Instron)

Theoretical strength calculations (and FEA simulations) are verified by a physical 'pull test'.  Airmaster utilises Instron testers to apply known forces to the propeller components, then measure the stress and strain that results. 
Precision Production Machining (Mazak Integrex 200Y)

For manufacture of propeller components, Airmaster uses a Mazak Integrex 5 axis Machining centre. The mill/turn capability ensures high speed production with unparalleled quality and accuracy, minimising production time of precision components.
Thorough Quality Control

Quality control procedures provide separate dimensional checking, ensuring conformity to required standards.
 Testing Flight Performance Verification

Airmaster flight testing staff put the propeller systems through a rigorous schedule of performance assessment.
The company owned ‘Europa Classic’ aircraft is used for flight testing, with advanced data collection equipment fitted for analysis of propeller performance.
Torsional Vibration Survey (SRI)

Airmaster use advanced digital radio telemetry to monitor the interaction between propeller and engine.  This is a critical part of ensuring the engine and propeller work together without the existinence of harmful torsional resonances.

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