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 (08 November 2010)

Instructions on how to calculate propeller extension sizes

Greasing AP3/4 Propeller Hubs

 (09 November 2010)

Supplementary instuctions on greasing propellers

Sensenich R68C

 (17 November 2010)

New 3 blade option from Sensenich

Interpret Product Codes

 (23 November 2010)

Airmaster Product Code Description

Interpret AC200 Indicators

 (02 February 2011)
Learn more about the AC200 indications.

Preferred Suppliers

 (11 March 2011)
Airmaster uses the following suppliers

AP430 Propeller System

 (02 April 2012)
AP430 now shipping with Sensenich R68C blades.

AP332S Hub Released

 (14 May 2015)
AP332 range expanded with 'S' model

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  • Interpret Product Codes

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    1000 Propellers Delivered
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    AP332S Hub Released
    AP332 range expanded with 'S' model
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    How to identify between V1 and V2 10.3in spinner cones
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