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    Airmaster Round the World

    Airmaster Round the World

    On July 14, 2005 Europa, N81EU completed a flight around the world behind an
    Airmaster VP prop attached to a Rotax 912. It was the propellor which provided
    a breakthrough when the Russian authorities refused entry and a daring flight
    needed to be made from Alaska to Japan. After 21 hours in the air I landed
    with 45 Minutes of reserve and this was only possible due to the ability to
    adjust optimum fuel flow over speed at different weights.

    During another instant the Airmaster saved the life of pilot and a cameraman
    in Mongolia when high density altitude and high grass did hamper take-off
    from an unprepared field close to the birthplace of chengis khan. Only a split
    second desicion to over-rev the engine to 6ooo rpm broke the spell and we were
    airborne for a safe flight home.

    The Airmaster is virtually carefree, built to highest standards (you should
    show more photographs of you beautifully crafted hub on your website !), and
    in my case has made the magic carpet complete. I strongly recommend every
    owner of a small aircraft to opt for a VP and personally see no real
    competition for the Airmaster.

    Safe skies !  -Thomas Scherer

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